Deals with study of history of ayurveda, its basic language sanskrit & all the fundamental principles related to ayurveda. Samhitas like charaka & ashtanga hridaya form the basic subjects.

It deals with the study of Philosophical fundamental approach of Ayurveda. The name of the department itself suggests that it elaborates the basic concepts of diagnosis and treatment. The basic concepts if applied properly and in its authentic way, it leads to the absolute knowledge of disease; which is applied to the newer diseases, too.

Darshana Shastra and the scientific base laid by them enable to amplify and implement the concepts. Sanskrit is the basic subject which has been taught to the students through this department. The subject has been included in the curriculum as it is the language of the ancient Ayurvedic texts. It has been looked upon that the student must be well versed with the language so as he would be able to read and absorb the concept explained.


Ayurveda originated from vedic sciences. All original texts of Ayurveda were science in sanskrit so, the knowledge of sanskrit language is compulsory to learn Ayurveda


There are Five Basic Elements (Panchamahabhutas-)

1. Earth

2. Water

3. Fire

4. Wind

5. Space

Every element in this Universe is made up of these five elements . So also the human being. The Doshas are Physiological Factors of the body . Such Principles are Related to the Subject Padartha Vijnana popularly known as Metaphysics .


Deals with glorious history of Ayurveda .Hisorical review of any subject provides information about original source & developmental route of concerned subject.


Excellent classical text by Acharya Vagbhata which gives the basic information of Ayurvedic principle.


Classical text by Acharya Charaka. Introductory & basic principles of ayurveda are given in this part of Samhita.


Knowledge of various diseases, their complications, how to avoid complications & their management is very precisely given by Acharya Charaka.


Deals with all the popular Samhitas like “ Charak Samhita” “Sushrut Samhita” & “ Ashtanga Hridayam” collectively known as great triads.