Woman is the most beautiful creation of almighty. Usually woman is very conscious about her beauty. So when she sees any mark on the body, she becomes anxious & she feels inferiority complex.

More than 90% of total woman populations are affected by stretch marks on the body particularly on

the abdomen, groin and on the chest region during and after pregnancy. These stretch marks are called

as Kikkisa in Ayurveda.

Stretch mark over the abdomen during pregnancy is a physiological condition but it gives lot of stress to the

women in the cosmetic view. It can be well prevented & managed by Ayurveda through Garbhini

paricharya mentioned in the classic.

Kikkisa is a type of skin ailment that occurs during pregnancy and mentioned in the disorders of

pregnancy by the various Acharyas. It is a physiological changes during the pregnancy which

occurs particularly in the 2nd trimester. In the classics the prevention and management of kikkisa is

mentioned in detail.


Drugs from the Madhuradi Gana should be selected for the treatment of the pregnant women and

medicated Ghrita is advised strongly to the pregnant women. Butter treated with the drugs of Madhura

group should be given to pregnant women frequently in the dose of Panitala matra(about 20 gms), or else

the butter medicated with decoction of stem bark of badari (jujube) and drugs of madhura group should

be given.

External medication for stretch marks

• The paste of the chandna and Mrinala or chandna and usira should be applied over the


• Powder of sirisa stembark, flowers of Dhataki, sarsapa and madhuyasti are rubbed over the


• Prakshalana of abdomen and breasts should be done with decoction of patola, nimba, manjistha and surasa or leaves and flowers of malati and

madhuka or else repeated cleansing with of daruhridra and madhuka should be done .



• Diet should be sweet, capable of suppressing vata.

• Either fat and salt free or with little quantity of fat and salt, light and be taken

repeatedly in small amounts.

• Use of little quantity of water in anupana.


One should not scratch to avoid Tvak bheda (differentiation or disfigurement) and Vairupya

(discolouration or stretching).

Dr. Sandhya. K. Rao

Health Library