Pain is body’s most important alarm system because it draws attention to the fact that something is at fault. Total absence of pain sensation is also as disastrous as uncontrolled severe pain. However, uncontrolled pain is the single most common reason for people to seek medical advice.

According to ayurvedic view, normal menstruation   should not be associated with any sort of discomforts as pain, burning sensation etc. Hence painful menstruation is a variation from normalcy, which needs medical attention.

Dysmenorrhea is a medical condition characterized by severe uterine pain during menstruation. While most women experience minor pain during menstruation, dysmenorrhoea is diagnosed when the pain is so severe as to limit normal activities, or require medication.

In Ayurvedic classics, great importance has been given to quality, quantity, purity, consistency, Intermenstrual period, Duration of menstruation and menstruation  that is devoid of PAIN and burning sensation .

Career has become a major priority in a woman’s life in the present era, adding to more stress. There is significant change in the sleeping pattern due to shift duties. Hence depending upon the predominant habit of today’s women, different types of gynecological disorder will manifest.

These days, the amount of travel encountered by women has also increased for both Working women and Housewives. Too much riding on vehicles, there will be increase in the blood flow to adhoshareera i..e to lower parts of the body, due to this there will be an increased congestion in the pelvic blood vessels and stagnation of blood for longer time.

Abnormal mode of life like suppression of natural urges , excessive coitus and exercise, fear, sadness,  Sedentary life styles, stress and strain in daily life are risk factors for dysmenorrhoea.

Suppression of natural urges can disrupt the HPO axis leading to hypoestrinism. Oestrogen deficiency leads to dryness of vagina by affecting its mucous secretions and also leads to lack of menstruation with difficulty leads to pain.

Dysmenorrhea is a common complaint seen in all gynaecological OPDs. In extreme cases, this interferes with day today activities of students of adolescent age and affects the working capacity of women and thus they seek medical advice. Nearly 50% 0f the adult female population suffer from various degrees of pain abdomen during menstruation.

Definitely Ayurveda has solutions to all these problems. Don’t  neglect pain abdomen during menstruation, because the reason for this pain sometimes really surprise that it may be the cause for some complications like fibroids, endometriosis , pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility etc.

Ayurveda does wonders for all these above complaints. Ayurvedic treatments like basthi, virechana and  oral medications have a definite solution to pain abdomen during menstruation and related complications.

Dr. Rachana H.V

Health Library